global COMMON reporting framework

Global Covenant of Mayors
Common Reporting Framework

The common reporting framework (CRF) of the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) will unite local voices and raise the bar on data transparency, while recognizing the critical impact of city climate action.

To streamline measurement and reporting procedures, and ensure robust climate action planning, implementation and monitoring, a set of new global recommendations have been developed in consultation with our partners and cities and local governments around the world, providing flexibility to meet specific local or regional circumstances. Cities globally are now able to report data in a standardized fashion and showcase achievements while unambiguously tracking progress – thus advocating for better multilevel governance of climate and energy issues and for improved technical and financial support.

The GCoM CRF was formally endorsed by the GCoM Board in San Francisco in September 2018 and is in effect in starting on January 2019. Further guidance and technical tools will be provided to support cities and local governments in the implementation phase.


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