Our initiatives

GCoM’s three core initiatives focus on generating the next generation of knowledge, data, tools, and technical support for local policymakers to tackle sustainability challenges and contribute to a global climate solution.

These initiatives – Data4Cities, Innovate4Cities, and Invest4Cities – aim to better enable GCoM cities, local governments, and the networks that support them in bridging the gap from climate ambition to action delivery.

the data 4 CITIES initiative

Data-Based Solutions

GCoM’s city-led research and innovation initiative to identify cities’ data, research, and technology priorities and equip them with the tools, investment, and partnerships needed to meet their full climate and sustainability ambition.

the invest 4 CITIES initiative

GCoM’s platform to facilitate and mobilize cities’ access to climate finance and technical assistance for critical investment in urban climate change mitigation and resilience projects.

the innovate 4 CITIES initiative

GCoM’s evidence-based foundation to measure and manage cities and local governments’ climate ambition and progress in a standard and consistent way as a means to drive innovation and investment.

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