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Climate Chance Summit Africa 2019, Accra, Ghana (14-18 October 2019)

The Climate Chance Summit – Africa 2019 will be a wide gathering of 1000 non-state actors fighting climate change on the African continent, including local governments, businesses, trade unions, environmental NGO’s, farmers, women and youth organizations, researchers, etc. It will highlight the engagement of Ghana and more broadly the African actors in fighting climate change. … read more
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Accra is committed to continue being a proactive player in partnering local and international development partners who have climate change in focus to implement bold local initiatives that impact globally. We have seen the need, taken some steps to mitigate and for our citizens to adapt to the inevitability of climate change.
Mohammed Adjei Sowah
Mayor of Accra, Ghana

Mayor Logio Kossi Amétowoyona, Tsévié, Togo

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