UNFCCC LAC Climate Week – Thematic Block: 1.2 Infrastructure, Cities and Local Action (Urban Areas and Informal Settlements), Wednesday 21 August

This thematic block will look at the leading and vertically integrated role that National Governments, Cities and Sub-national governments can play in forging pathways to low-carbon & resilient urban settlements. By sharing eye-opening experiences on (i) concrete collaborative actions to achieve significant emissions reductions in urban areas and (ii) tangible solutions to improve climate resilience for the most vulnerable urban dwellers, this thematic block will help better set up a collective framework for national and subnational governments and other non-state actors to match low-carbon developments and resilience in the LAC’s urban areas and informal settlements.

Date: Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Time: 10:00 – 12:25

Venue: SDG 1

Status: Open to all participants

Coordinating Organizations: WWF and GlobalABC

Supporting Organizations: GCoM, CAF, SloCat, Regions4, UNEP, WMO and ICLEI

Title: Pathways to a low-carbon & resilient future in Latin America and the Caribbean urban areas and settlements

Objective: To jointly develop a set of key recommendations for a vertically integrated regional roadmap towards a resilient and low-carbon development in Latin American and the Caribbean urban areas and informal settlements.

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