Climate Opportunity: More Jobs, Better Health, Liveable Cities

The economic and public health benefits of urban climate policies

The Opportunity 2030 dashboard provides an interface to interactively compare scenarios for different benefits and regions assessed in the Opportunity 2030: More Jobs; Better Health; Liveable Cities report. The research presents analysis on the impacts of climate action through energy efficiency retrofit in residential buildings, enhanced bus networks and services, and district-scale renewable energy in major global regions. In this dashboard the impacts of these actions can be explored at the regional level, or a specific city can be defined.

All impact indicators are presented for both a business-as-usual scenario and an enhanced action scenario. The first was constructed to project what may happen in cities if current policies and trends persist and are not advanced upon. The second was designed based on actions that are assumed to be compatible with the fulfilment of the objectives of the Paris Agreement, to limit global temperature increase to well below 2 °C.

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