What is a Regional or National Covenant?

A Regional/National Covenant engages with cities and local governments in its geographic area to encourage local level climate action while simultaneously building a community of committed signatories to a single purpose global initiative, while adapting these common principles to meet local realities.  

A Regional/National Covenant is supported by all relevant local, regional and national partners and city networks that support and contribute to the implementation of the mission and vision of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) in a given geographic area.


Regional/National Covenants:

  • Mobilize new signatories around locally relevant commitments aligned to the GCoM mission and vision, including the three pillars of action,
  • Facilitate access to tools, guidance, capacity building and technical assistance,
  • Engage, communicate and share experiences with participating cities and partners around the world, and
  • Make available capacity building, technical support and resources that are as locally specific and regionally responsive as possible, while allowing for consistency, coordination and exchange of experience across all regions of the world. 

The GCoM Secretariat promotes coherence, identifies synergies, and facilitates the exchange of best practices among Regional Covenants stakeholders.   

You can find more information on existing Regional/National Covenants on the Our Regions section of the GCoM website.

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