How can my city or local government join the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy?

Formalizing Commitment

Only local governments can join the GCoM as signatories. In order to formalize a commitment to the GCoM, cities and local governments must submit a commitment letter signed by an appropriately mandated official (e.g. Mayor, City Council).  

Two types of commitment letter templates exist: 

  • global commitment letter
  • regional/national commitment letter, tailored to the context of a specific region or country

Wherever a regional/national letter template exists, it should be used by all the signatories in that region/country. When no regional/national template exists, the global commitment letter should be used instead. 

All letters/templates are available for download on the GCoM website upon selection of the country.  


Submitting a Commitment letter

Where a Regional Covenant exists, cities and local governments should join the GCoM by submitting their commitment letter to the Regional/National Covenant helpdesk. A commitment to a Regional/National Covenant will be automatically considered a commitment also to the Global Covenant.

If there is no Regional Covenant in place in their country, cities and local governments should submit their commitment letter to the GCoM Secretariat. 

In either case, supporting partner networks will work with the GCoM Secretariat or the Regional/National Helpdesks to ensure active coordination and information exchange.

The contacts and email addresses to which the commitment letter should be submitted are available here, following the choice of the relevant country. 

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