Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technology Screen (RETScreen)
Modeling platform for identifying the most promising clean technologies for policy support and investment, and establishing metrics for tracking their deployment.
Need Deliverables: scenario-modeling, Financing Options Assessment, Impact analysis, project-and-policy-proposals, project-level-cost-benefit-analysis
Language(s): AR; BN; BG; CMN; HR; DA; NL; EN; FA; FI; FR; DE; EL; HI; HU; IN; IT; JA; KO; MK; PL; PT; RO; RU; SR; ES; SW; SV; TL; TE; TH; TR; UK; UR; VI
Target geography: any city
Related steps
Assess Emissions and Risks
Set Goals and Targets
Develop Action Plan
Monitor and Report

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