Promise of Seoul: Citizen Committee of Seoul lead climate planning initiative
The Promise of Seoul is an initiative that sets out 10 areas of action for the city to achieve the vision of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 and was developed by the Citizen Committee for Green Seoul in an intensive consultation process that included residents, experts and environmental groups (in total around a third of Seoul’s population). A detailed plan is currently being developed to help Seoul continue its sizeable efforts to fulfil the Paris Agreement. In the Ambitious City Promises project and with funding from the German Environment Ministry’s International Climate Initiative (IKI), Seoul is now actively working with municipalities in South-East Asia to encourage them to focus on climate action plans and intensive citizen participation.
Outputs: Policy Integration, Education and Outreach
Outcomes: Raise Ambition, Vertical NDC Integration
Target actors: Bussines/Investors, Instituations, Local communities
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