Peruvian Government establishes NDC dialogues with local actors
In July 2016, in response to the NDC ratification, the Peruvian National Government established a Multisectoral Working Group on the NDCs which, in collaboration with the National Commission on Climate Change (established in 1993), developed a multisectoral, multilevel participatory process - “Dialoguemos sobre las NDC'' (Dialoguemos) - to engage non-state actors in the NDC process. Through this process, local and regional governments, alongside actors from private sectors, academia, indigenous communities, NGOs and civil society, work with the national government to coordinate NDC implementation, identify needs and expectations, and commit to a climate change response that responds to their respective needs, interests and functions (including a shared medium- and long-term vision for multilevel climate action). “Dialoguemos has become the permanent site for dialogue between different actors of Peruvian society - creating alliances, agreements and opportunities for NDC implementation” (NDC Partnership, 2019, p.3).
Outputs: Policy Integration, Education and Outreach, Social and Network Infrastructure
Outcomes: Vertical NDC Integration, Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration, Knowledge Creation
Target actors: State/Provincial Goverment, Local Goverment, Bussines/Investors, Instituations, Local communities
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