Myanmar NDC Update
The Myanmar Government’s inclusion of ‘sustainable urban development’ in their NDC resulted from incipient political awareness of the up and coming challenges of urbanisation and various policy processes. At the time of the NDC development, various policy processes were underway including the National Environmental Policy, the Roadmap for the National Urban Policy, as well as the National Climate Change Policy, Strategy, and 6 sectoral plans. One which focusing on resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities and towns. Therefore, active drafting teams and consultations with, for example, township (district) representatives, were already underway, which the INDC could draw on. The on-going NDC revision process indicates that urban issues remain prominent, insofar that it builds on the existing Climate Change Policies and Strategies adopted in 2019, in which the urban pillar is very structured and detailed.
Outputs: Policy Integration
Outcomes: Regulatory Powers
Target actors: Local Goverment
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