Kenya expands existing multi-level governance systems to operationalise integrated climate action
Following the adoption of Kenya's first NDC and corresponding Climate Change Act (2016), which laid the foundation for the inclusion of diverse stakeholders including county governments, the Kenyan government developed a series of National Climate Change Action Plans (NCCAP) to prescribe measures and mechanisms for climate action. The NCCAPs mainstream climate change into national, sectoral and subnational development planning, and like the NDC itself are updated every five years. The Kenyan Climate Change Directorate oversees their implementation and lends support and technical assistance on coordinating the implementation of the plans, on reporting and on capacity building at the county level. Regional Climate Change Units (CCU) will be established to support the develpoment of integrated county development plans and coordinate county-level climate action, which will feed into the National Climate Change Action Plan.
Outputs: Policy Integration, Social and Network Infrastructure, Standardized Methods and Common Platforms, Data and Information
Outcomes: Raise Ambition, Vertical NDC Integration, Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration, Knowledge Creation, Regulatory Powers
Target actors: State/Provincial Goverment, Bussines/Investors, Instituations
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