Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Austria (2020)
The Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism produced the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan in 2021, in close collaboration with the Federal Government and the provinces through the establishment of a working group. The National Committee on Climate Change was also consulted in accordance with the Climate Protection Act, which includes representatives from relevant ministries, all nine provinces, social partners, industry, Association of Towns and Municipalities, experts and NGOs. As a result, the plan mentions cities in the context of decarbonising transport; promoting active, public, and multimodal transport; Smart Cities; federal investment in urban infrastructure; piloting energy efficient towns and cities; carbon neutral urban areas; Mobility Labs; Mission Climate Neutral and Smart Cities. The plan was created following development of the Climate and Energy Strategy (#mission2030), for which an extensive public consultation was carried out.
Outputs: Education and Outreach, Funding and Financing
Outcomes: Vertical NDC Integration, Localize Climate Finance, Knowledge Mobilization & Collaboration, Knowledge Creation, Regulatory Powers
Target actors: National Goverment, State/Provincial Goverment, Local Goverment, Bussines/Investors
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