Indonesian government integrates climate reporting across provinces through online PEP platform
The Indonesian government has established a web-based system for tracking all potential GHG emission savings (whether carried out by the central government or provincial governments), which allows the Secretariat for Climate Change Mitigation (RAN-GRK Secretariat, based within the Ministry of National Development Planning) to regularly collate information from projects throughout the country, monitor the quality of this information and inform decision-makers about progress made. The platform is publicly accessible, allowing provincial governments to use the system to learn about, and replicate, climate mitigation measures in other provinces, while increasing project transparency and accountability. In 2019, PEP Online was refined and is now part of AKSARA, an application geared towards Indonesia’s new Low Carbon Development Initiative.
Outputs: Education and Outreach, Standardized Methods and Common Platforms, Data and Information
Outcomes: Knowledge Creation
Target actors: State/Provincial Goverment
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